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how do i unlock the m4 in bf4

How to Unlock the MTAR-21 in BF4 - BF4 GHCS Video Games P90 beat 8 waves in Horde Battle M4 sh gun beat 16 waves Gold AK beat 24 waves Rocket  13 Nov 2013 - 7 minAirRattle - Lancer Tactical PDW M4 Airsoft AEG Gun Shooting Chrono So you don t wast

how do i unlock the m4 in bf4. Whether you re an experienced player or new, February is Battlefield 4 s “Player Appreciation” month, with EA giving out several worthy  Best Answer Carbines like the M4 can be used by any class. You have to unlock the first one (the AK5C) by using the Engineer class. You then  Because the M4 in BF4 isn t the A1 variant, so there is only Semi auto and Just about to unlock the m4, I m interested to try since my current  Battlefield 4 - Assignments Awards Thread Battlefield 4. obtain 100 kills with M4 carbine - obtain 50 kills with .44 magnum handgun . shanghai if you capture the Bflag you get the gunship and the same with Paracel storm  M4 - Battlefield 4 The M4 is a US made Carbine. It fires the 5.56x45mm NATO Unlocked, 49,000 Carbine Score. Fire Modes, Semi-Auto /  Meant to say for M4 thanks Been doing well with m4 lately using this This gun felt really awkward to ADS until I unlocked the HD-33. Currently i have 5 C-Machine .bwp files for BF4 (I tried to make perfect Next two macros - for M4 with PSO-1 and ACE21 CQB with PSO-1 and suppressor. Next three - AWS w/o anything (Finally unlocked, bipods don t  mais no anti-penúltimo unlock é uma M4A1 pra russo assim como Se não, pq a DICE colocou esse M4 de novo, sendo que haverias .. Usuário encontra um bom lugar para TDM no BF4 parecido com Noshahr Canals. turns head and smiles at M4 Your my baby now LMAO . it is more common people start unlocking attachments right away and they stick with  Good stuff, I got in to BF4 late so got the unlocks/cheat pack too, my m4 is an exact copy of the bf4 m4 with the standard silencer vert grip and 

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